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5 Tips on How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

July 08, 20244 min read

As we get older, many of us find that our belly fat increases. This frustrating change is often due to shifts in metabolism and hormones, making it harder to keep a flat tummy without significant changes to our way of life or seeking medical help.

Want to know how to shed belly fat for a trimmer figure? Here are five effective strategies to achieve your flat stomach aims.

1. Cut Back on Sugar

Refined sugar is one of the most common ingredients in many processed foods, including sports drinks and protein bars often advertised as “healthy.”

While it’s difficult to eliminate all processed sugar from your diet, it’s important to at least cut back. Too much sugar can lead to insulin resistance and hijack your body’s natural appetite controls. In addition to helping pack on the pounds, sugar can also trigger an inflammatory response, which can make your waistline look even puffier. When you’re craving a sweet snack, opt for a piece of fresh fruit instead.

2. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is full of empty calories, which means it provides almost no nutritional value. In addition, it can temporarily inhibit lipid oxidation—which is a fancy way of saying it makes it harder for your body to burn fat. So, all those early mornings or evenings spent at the gym become much less effective in yielding the results you want.

But that doesn’t mean you have to completely give up alcohol to lose unwanted fat. Drink in moderation, and consider lower calorie options, like a vodka soda instead of a piña colada, for example.

3. Combine Cardio and Weight Training

Cardio is great for burning fat and weight training is great for toning muscle, but to achieve the best results, you should combine both. That’s because the more muscle you build, the higher your calorie-burning potential. Make sure you also include plenty of exercises focused on core strength, such as planks, reverse crunches, and yoga.

Keep in mind that exercise is only half the battle when it comes to getting rid of belly fat. You also want to adhere to a diet rich in whole foods and lean protein and limit foods high in sugar, simple carbs, and trans fats.

4. Focus on De-stressing

Are you on a mission to bid farewell to stubborn belly fat? It's essential to recognize that this journey extends beyond just maintaining a balanced diet and engaging in regular workouts; both are absolutely crucial. Equally important, however, is the effective management of stress levels. When stress rears its unwelcome head, it triggers the production of cortisol, a notorious hormone that significantly meddles with insulin regulation and causes blood sugar levels to plummet, leading to an acute sense of hunger. This biological response can be a real obstacle in your path to fitness because it often culminates in overindulging in food, and not just any food, but those particularly high in fats and sugars. The link between stress-induced cortisol and increased appetite for unhealthy foods has been clearly delineated in the pages of Obesity Review.

To effectively counteract this, it's important to weave stress-busting practices into the fabric of your daily routine. Engaging in calming activities like yoga stretches not only your body but also relaxes your mind. Mindfulness meditation acts as a mental balm, bringing your stress levels down to a more manageable level. Additionally, don't underestimate the power of social connections; having heart-to-heart conversations with friends can be incredibly relieving. Lastly, let's not forget the cornerstone of good health – adequate sleep. Prioritizing and obtaining quality sleep each night is a game-changer in keeping those stress levels in check and your appetite in line. Combining these strategies with your diet and exercise regimen will give you a comprehensive arsenal for conquering belly fat.

5. Get a SculpSure Treatment

All these methods can aid in weight loss and fat reduction, but lasting results hinge on a lifelong commitment to lifestyle changes. SculpSure® is an FDA-approved body contouring procedure that targets belly fat with lasers, permanently eradicating fat cells in the specific area within a 25-minute session, without downtime.

Being noninvasive, SculpSure® avoids scars. Post-treatment, your body naturally expels the destroyed fat cells over several weeks, resulting in a naturally slim and toned look.

Curious about SculpSure®? Reach out to Transformative Health & Wellness in New Jersey to book a no-cost consultation and begin your path to a sleeker, healthier body!

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